Bye Thief

It's been a hot minute that's for sure. Graduating and adulting is rough I'm not going to lie. Starting an adult job is draining. I keep trying to make the most out of this season but I am not going to pretend it's easy. It's hard. Life is hard. But it is oh so sweet. I feel like the sweetness keeps being taken out of life lately. The devil is powerful and is taking so much away from me lately. He's taking my rest, my patience, my gentleness, my kindness. He'… Read more

blue and white bell sleeves

What's up friends?!?! Happy Tuesday!! Hope you all have had a fab week (:  I'm supes excited to share this outfit with you all today. It is a simple outfit that it a staple in my closet and something to throw on in any situation. Everything looks better in white jeans. It's more fun, bright and they feel happy! A bell sleeve top is my go to top. They make me feel so sassy!! They're so pretty and they add so much in any outfit. Blue and white it also my fav color combo for t… Read more

posted up like a g + spring favorites

This spring I feel like I've gotten to try out my descent share of new products and some old ones became my go to-s. These items have been my repeated beauty products, clothes, movies, etc. What are your current fav products??? 1. it Cosmetics CC Cream I'm in the shade light when I'm tan. This is the best light weight foundation that gives a glowy feel. 2. Fake Tanning -Spray tans -Tanning mouse As y'all know, I got my first spray tan this spring... let's make that 3 spr… Read more

Blue Wrap Dress + Post Grad Life

Well friends, I am officially a college graduate. wuuuuut. that's crazy!! I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but I just rly wanted to enjoy my last few weeks of college and not worry about anything. I wouldn't trade my last few weeks, or the past 4 years for the world. Ya girl is still unemployed and the future is full of uncertainties. Every time the enemy creeps in and I am overcome with anxiety about the unknown, God shows me to trust in His plan. Whether it's t… Read more

Bold Moves.

My senior year of high school I felt the Lord's call on my heart to go on a mission trip with my church to Uganda, Africa. Senior year spring break I went and boy did it change my life. I fell so in love with the country and the people, I feel like my heart grew so much. I loved every second of the trip.  I've always wanted to go back it just honestly never worked out bc #college and internships, etc. Then about a month ago at [FUSE], the student ministry I serve with, Stacey Tar… Read more

Homegirl, you're not worth it.

Homegirl, you're not worth it. I feel like that's what we keep telling ourselves bc we keep settling for way less than we deserve. Why though? Why are we settling for relationships with people we have never actually met? Why are we creating these fake relationships that only exist in our heads? Why do we allow that boy to only snapchat us? It's absolutely heartbreaking to see people in these "relationships" and them think that it is okay. It's not okay. You're wo… Read more


I'm sure you are all sick of hearing about this, but oh well. With the end of college only two weeks away, I have been reflecting a lot over the past four years and what they have meant to me and all I've learned and all I have done. Looking back, I feel like I have found my confidence. In high school I was so insecure I didn't even know it. College has grown me. I guess because I took the long hair don't care attitude to heart and wasn't going to try to make people… Read more